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Transformational Breath Work

What is ‘Transformational Breath Work’?

Transformational Breath® is one of the most profound health and healing tools I have come across since starting out in the field of health in 1995. In Chinese medicine our breath is considered to be the number 1 priority before diet, exercise, mind and so on but it is often completely overlooked, we all think we know reasonably well how-to breath and so did I. I was privileged to train intensively for 15 years in an authentic Daoist martial arts system of Tai Chi, Kung Fu and Qi Gong and would regularly spend hours doing intense breath work, I also taught this for over 8 years and would see huge benefits from it. But nothing prepared me for my first Transformational Breath® session. I was completely blown away by it and realised that in all my years of breath work, I had only scratched the surface of it. That was back in 2009 and I have been passionate about this work from that day forward.

What is involved?

A Transformational Breath® session will last 1 3/4hr hrs in total with the actual breathing session lasting 1 hour. During this time you will be comfortably laying down while breathing with a full, connected and relaxed breath (similar to how a baby breathes). This will be facilitated by the use of body mapping, or pressure on specific points to release the physical and emotional holding in that area, along with positive affirmations to relax the mind, these can be things like ‘It is safe to breathe fully and freely now’, ‘I love to breathe’. We also play music during the session to help establish a rhythm and pace to the breathing.


  • 1¾ hr session ∼ £140 (1 hr breathing)

Breath Work Facts

  • Transformational Breath® has been endorsed by well-known integrative medicine experts such as Deepak Chopra MD and Christiane Northrup MD.
  • It is different than other forms of integrative breath work or Yogic Pranayama.
  • Utilises a full relaxed breath that originates in the lower abdomen and repeats the inhalation and exhalation without pausing.
  • Incorporates personal intentions and spiritual practices acceptable to all.
  • Integrates other healing modalities such as toning, hands-on, and somatic integration.
  • Includes a Breath Analysis that correlates with personal issues in life.
  • Can be practiced alone after a few facilitated sessions.

Transformational Breath® is a gentle, simple technique that helps people to open up the full potential of their breathing system for better physical and emotional well-being. It teaches a pattern of conscious breathing that is natural, safe and healthy and which can have many benefits, including increased energy, better immune response and increased ability to deal with stress in a healthy way.

Transformational Breath® was developed by Dr Judith Kravitz. Incorporating her knowledge of conscious breathing techniques and various other healing and spiritual principles, Transformational Breath® is a highly efficient and effective technique that has been used and found beneficial by many thousands of people world-wide for over thirty years.

Transformational Breath® is taught as a powerful self-help tool, by fully trained facilitators whose intention it is to give each person an understanding of how they can work with their own breath on an ongoing basis, to create personal transformation. It can be used to great effect either on its own, or in combination with other types of therapy/treatment.


How does it work?

Your Facilitator will use proven gentle movement, sound vibration techniques and simple core affirmations so that you achieve and maintain the wave-like “full circular breath” pattern. This activates a high frequency of electromagnetic vibration throughout the body and mind. According to the scientific principle of Entrainment, low frequency energy patterns are raised and transformed in the presence of the higher frequency energy state. This clears blockages within the energy systems.

How does Transformational Breath® compare with Yoga?

Yoga breathers are trained to control the exhale which produces tension and blocks the energy in the solar plexus if they carry it over to everyday breathing. It is essential that those muscles be able to relax fully for free energy flow, as well as have the control for yoga. They are also prana experts so they can really feel when the breath (i.e. energy) flows freely. Transformational Breath is the “Yogic breath of Integration”.

Yoga uses the deep belly breathing to support physical stretching and postures. Transformational Breath is not a replacement for the important physical exercise and body toning provided by yoga. However, Transformational Breath achieves different results than yoga and makes the practice of yoga more enjoyable and more effective.

What should I expect?

There is no set or predictable experience during or after a session. Since you are an individual, your experience will reflect your uniqueness. Common patterns include tingling sensations, temporary dry mouth, feelings of joy and even mystical adventures. Some experience their buried emotions which are integrated and healed in the session. During the first couple of sessions you may experience some symptoms of hyperventilation.

The session may be occasionally uncomfortable due to the emotional content, but it is paradoxically blissful at the same time. In an altered state of consciousness, we feel the individual’s higher self guides the healing, providing only what is needed with a feeling of absolute safety. You will leave in a higher vibration with access to higher consciousness. It is best to let go of your expectations and judgments so you can accept the part of you that wants to heal. Every session is unique, based on the pieces that are present for integration.

What is the effect on the body?

The practice of Transformational Breath brings more oxygen to the physical body. Providing more oxygen to the body has been beneficial for many conditions. Every individual has the innate capacity to heal. Transformational Breath enhances each participant’s ability to restore balance and well-being in their physical body. Since we use full diaphragmatic breathing, the lymphatic system is activated and begin to move toxins from the body. This allows the cells to take in more oxygen-rich blood and pranic life-force.

What about emotions?

The process may evoke and resolve repressed emotions. Participants may experience joy or sadness during a session. The Transformational Breath session promotes low energy vibrational patterns to entrain with higher vibrational states. Former negative feelings stored in the cellular memory are often transformed into feelings of acceptance and gratitude for having experienced the situation that produced the original perceptions and emotional responses. Individuals have reported feeling more positive in their emotional states and less stress.

What is the optimum way to breathe?

It is not recommended to use the circular pattern we use in the sessions, but rather to be aware of our breathing throughout the day. We need to make sure we are using our full respiratory system and that we do not hold our breath. We encourage individuals to breathe as fully and keep the breath flowing in and out without long pauses. This will keep us open, energised, and connected. After doing Transformational Breath we become more aware of the times and circumstances that cause us to close our breath. We can make a conscious effort to keep our breath open and work through the issues or feelings that close our breathing down.

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