Jonathan will no longer be taking acupuntcure appointments at the Wimbledon clinic but will still be offering consultations and Journey sessions via Zoom.

Patient Testimonials

Just to say thank you for giving me a new lease of life.

Recently I have suffered from severe anxiety and depression and rapidly reached the point, where I was unable to work. I lost interest in life and activities, which I otherwise normally enjoy, feelings of uselessness, sleep disturbance, self neglect and social withdrawal became my new way of living.
I am grateful to my husband, who convinced me to undergo acupuncture treatment at the Living Centre Clinic of Durham Road. I started the treatment with a lot of fear and a lot of skepticism having never before tried any form of complementary medicine. From the second treatment I felt less stressed and seem to have more energy. I couldn’t believe that I could relax, while I had needles in my body.
I wanted to say thank you Jonathan for transforming me into a new person fill with joy. I have benefited from Jonathan’s personalised and tailored made acupuncture treatment with added counselling carried out in a relaxed and professional manner. The fact that I can sit and write this letter is a true reflection of how much I have improved and recovered.

Dr Morgan

Jonathan Orchard is a remarkable soul, truly dedicated to his passion for healing. 

In the face of difficulty, most of us do our best to cope with the situation, hold it together, and keep going, but we often end up carrying emotional and physical pain that we don’t know how to heal or release. 
Through a couple of Journey sessions with Jonathan, I not only felt physically and emotionally healed; I was touched with a new understanding of my life’s purpose. His skills, gently guiding me to connect to a space of inner potential, I had only previously dreamed about.

Sarah, Life Coach

I turned to acupuncture while struggling to conceive – and finding very little support available on the NHS apart from a waiting list for IVF. The most significant impact for me of the treatment was that Jonathans calm considered approach gave me a much more positive outlook – and I started to have faith in my chances of conceiving naturally again – which had been eroded by my NHS experiences. After each session I felt uplifted, calm and positive – and sure enough I conceived naturally. I had a wonderful pregnancy and now have a beautiful baby daughter. I would recommend Jonathan to anyone in a similar position.


I have had a bad back for many years and was diagnosed with prolapsed disc. I went through all sorts of treatment for the pain but nothing worked. I was sceptical about acupuncture and cupping but was desperate. After 2 sessions with Jonathan I was pain free and could go back to exercise again, I have been amazed by the results.


After suffering a constant throat clearing problem for over a year I decided to try acupuncture. I have had 10 treatments and the problem is greatly reduced and far less constant.


I suffered from severe knee pain for 2 years, with difficulty going up and down stairs and constant pain at night, after 10 treatments from Jonathan I have been pain free for over 1 year, I can function normally again!


Jonathan is a really professional and extremely effective practitioner, who I recommend very highly. He worked with me for more than 12 months to help me achieve one of my life goals -to become a mother. He provided a holistic programme of physical and psychological treatments including acupuncture, visualisation and Chinese herbs, for both symptoms but more importantly causes. And all of this was done with a caring and individually-focused approach. I shall be forever grateful to Jonathan. My beautiful baby son was born on 2nd January 2009!


My husband and I were doing IVF to have our first child. The first 2 attempts were unsuccessful but then a friend recommended Jonathan. By doing acupuncture and other techniques we now have a gorgeous boy and are pregnant with our second! I believe we would not have had the success without the help of Jonathan.

Catherine – Surrey

Through Journey sessions with Jonathan, I have definitely changed and am more aware of my inner self. I know that when the next tough situation occurs and in the circle of life I know it will!, I can give Jonathan a call, arrange a session and he can guide me, guide myself through it!

So, thank you to both Jonathan and Brandon Bays for bringing this effective, safe and simple healing technique into my life.

Loana, Advertising Executive

I came to see you at your Raynes Park clinic in early March this year. I have PCOS and had not ovulated for 5 months having come off the pill at the beginning of December. In addition, I had previously come off the pill for a whole year and had not ovulated during the entire time. We talked about how I used to play compete for England and you considered that I might be Magnesium deficient. I came to see you for two sessions and I also had a third session with Nobue in the Claygate clinic. My husband and I also took all the supplements as recommended. Well, I had to write to tell you that two weeks after my third session I not only ovulated but I also fell pregnant! I am currently 20 weeks pregnant and our little baby is due in December.
Both my husband and I wanted to say thank you so much to both you and your colleague for all your help. I cannot think it is a coincidence that I finally ovulated after all this time and I would recommend acupuncture to anyone else with PCOS.
Thank you again very much.


My daughter decided to make her appearance on Tuesday. We went to the hospital at about 2:30pm, she was born at 5:19pm, and we were all back home that evening — so, a very quick process once things progressed. Many thanks again for your help. You have another satisfied client! I will forever sing the praises of acupuncture for fertility and pregnancy.


Having been advised to progress to IVF for sub-fertility (despite already having one child), my husband and I decided to give acupuncture a try instead. We both had around six weeks of treatment, during which time I 
conceived without IVF. I am convinced that Jonathan’s holistic approach to our problem, and his calm belief that he could help us, has played an essential role in this successful outcome. As well as the acupuncture itself, we received comprehensive advice on diet, stress relief and general lifestyle coaching. It was such a relief to get 
help from someone who took the time to get to know us as whole people, rather than looking at symptoms in isolation. I will definitely be trying acupuncture for any future complaints!


I am now 41 yrs old and been trying to conceive for 8 years. In 2004 we had our first IVF treatment and had six more unsuccessful attempts. I went to see Jonathan for Acupuncture and Chinese medicine and felt very positive mentally, after a holiday in Mexico I was aware that I was 3 weeks late in my cycle which was not unusual. I took a test and discovered I was pregnant! This was a natural pregnancy and I’m convinced that the acupuncture and Chinese medicine played a significant part in my falling pregnant. I have continued to see him fortnightly and found his counselling really supportive.  I am now 36 weeks pregnant, I’ve had none of the usual side effects of cravings, tiredness or sickness.  I can’t stress enough how important Jonathan’s treatments have been to me and I would recommend him to anyone in similar circumstances to me. Thank you for everything you have done for both of us.